Best free article spinner tools and websites- use them or not?

Article spinning technique is mostly used in search engine optimization and in other places where you are looking to create a large volume of contents very quickly and cheaply. A few Website may use article spinning on their own risk but article spinner software’s are not very effective and helpful in generating quality SEO results.

Having said that, it is your wish to use article spinner software’s but we strongly suggest not to use as they are not very effective and sometimes they may produce contents that can be taken as jokes rather to consider as professional written articles.

Here, I will share a very small paragraph that I have taken from GSRMArena ,a leading gadget reviews website widely know for its review of the mobile phone, smartphones.

We will start with one of the famous website offering a variety of free SEO tools small seo tools no doubt some of their tools are very good but while checking their article re-write here is what we have that you can check in the picture.

The re-write is pretty decent but if you can compare with the original one this will make no sense and someone reading this re-write article would be forced to think about the quality of your contents and how you create them.

It is always best to write original contents and that will always help you in making your audience stick to your post and will also help you to increase your SERP’s the search engine ranking position.

Let’s have another from pre post seo guys and you can again compare the original one with the spin articles.

check the black highlighted the part where one word “Who” is converted to United Nations Agency, why because the text spinning algorithm matches that to WHO, the World Health Organization and this kind of text spinning can only hurt your content reputation. Would you as a reader prefer to read such articles posting spun texts? of course not.

My last pick was from spinbot that will appear on top in the organic search results as a free text or article spinning tool. check the below picture showing their re-written article

they seem to be doing much decent article spinning service but even with this result, I would not recommend you to use any of the article spinning tools or services and simply go with the basics and straight content creation that people can see as original contents.

But, I rest my case here for you to decide if using a free article spinning tool or service can help you achieve measurable results.

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China’s New BeiDou-3 (BDS) the fourth navigation satellites system in the world

A new start in the internet and technology era has begun.China’s new BeiDou (BDS) system will serve as the fourth navigation system in the world. This was announced by Ran Chengqi, director of China Satellite Navigation Office and BDS spokesperson at a news conference on Dec 27.
The State Council Information Office of China (SCIO) Shared a briefing on their website as Notice of SCIO press conference on Dec. 27 (3 p.m.) to reveal the details about BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS)

Watch this video by China24 about BeiDou-3 Naviation Satellite System (BDS)

China has completed the construction of BeiDou-3 primary system and BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) and started providing its global services. Ran shared this fascinating news as ” The BeiDou system has expanded its service scope from regional to the whole world,”

The current BeiDou system is built upon the BeiDou-2 satellites constellation which was the 14-satellite constellation completed in 2012.

What is China’s New BeiDou-3 (BDS)?

Let’s have a quick overview of what is BeiDou-3 (BDS) Navigation Satellite System. The BeiDou system is capable of delivering positioning services with an accuracy of 10 meters radius, but for the Asia-Pacific region, the accuracy can be less than five meters radius. BDS velocity accuracy is 0.2 meters per second, and BeiDou-3 timing accuracy stands at 20 nanoseconds.

China’s BDS system will now cover the whole planet after the United States GPS, Russia’s GLONASS and the European Union’s Galileo.

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How to Start 2019 and make it great? Set your goals

2019 is about to start and we all are set to say “Good-bye 2018”. Year ending and celebrating the new year is always full of energies and everyone is in full-swing holiday party mode. Most of us make a new year resolution but forget to implement by setting goals. What is the most common mistake we make is, mostly we forgot to make realistic and achievable goals and fall in the trap of old habits.

How to make 2019 a great year? set realistic goals

Do not think about the celebrities who died in 2018 or the coolest smart gadgets launched in 2018. Do a reality check, a deep inside check and compare
– where you were standing last year?
– what you were thinking when 2018 was started?
– what actions you took and what were the results.
– Did you follow a proper plane?
– Most importantly, when you were set goals did you follow a reality check as if they were too realistic or unrealistic?

What Psychology suggests is to ask five questions when you set goals:

  1. Think about the inspiration behind your goals. What are the motives, why you want to setup and achieve some? What’s in it for you.
  2. Categories and prioritize them as your personal, professional, economic, and social goals and pick the top one’s you need to focus or the one that is interlinked with the most goals within these categories.
  3. Understand the current situation and where you stand today. By realizing the real situation and knowing the strong and weak points prior to set your goals will always help you to achieve them with great success.
  4. Think carefully and partially before you set up goals. Do not set goals driven by emotions or under a temporary change of thoughts but think about the long term and positive implications and outcomes of your goals.
  5. Think, Re-think, Evaluate and Re-Evaluate, all this is very important for you to keep yourself aligned, motivated and follow a successful journey towards your set goals.

A very happy new year of 2019 to all of you out there. Keep spreading the love.

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