Best Free Website Speed Test Tools to use. Google PageSpeed, Pingdom, GTmetrix

Website Speed has become the new leading benchmark. Today we will explore some of the top website page speed test tools that are available to use as free services including the Google PageSpeed, Pingdom, GTmetrix and a couple of more tools that are popular. It is very crucial for your any business or website to load fast and deliver the contents seamlessly across all devices. This trend is now on rising and you can not neglect the website page speed. There are many techniques used to speed up the WordPress websites or in general, any website that includes installing the proper cache plug-in’s or having your website delivered through a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

What is a Website Speed test tooland, What a website speed test can help you analyze?

A website speed test tool is to help you analyze your website load speed or in general it will provide you insights and details of the factors that make your website load fast, slow, small or large in size or identifies any errors causing by things such as scripts, plugins etc.

Few of the common things a website speed test tool will tell about your website are:

  • The scripts, fonts, and plugins creating the problem and make your website loading a slow process, such as HTML, JavaScript, or a cascade style sheet (also known as the CSS)
  • Checking if minification of your scripts is done or not
  • Checking for overall image compression or the errors and lagging caused by large image sizes
  • Render blocking for JS or CSS
  • Analyzing & testing the TTFB (Time To First Byte)
  • Checking how it renders in different browsers like Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer etc
  • Your CDN (Content Delivery Network) Performance and asset load time
  • Checking different GEO locations, this act as a major CDN performance metrics
  • Analyzing the HTTP headers

In summery, it Analyzes the overall load time, page sizes and the total number of requests a website makes before it loads and appear in front of a user or against a request.

Let’s Explore some of the popular Website speed test tools

1 – Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed tool is a website speed test tool that ranks your website based on different matrix including the load time, size and scripts by using a scale of 1 – 100. Anything above an 85 Considered as a good score. It offers the insight It uses the Google Lighthouse lab data to analyze the results. Do not consider this as a tool to automatically fix all the errors. It is rather an insight tool offering you the reasons for errors and very few suggestions.

By the end of this article, I will share a very Best and FREE WordPress Plugin that will speed up your website very quickly and with a few clicks you can optimize your website in few minutes time. It works amazingly and gives you instant results.

2 – Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom is my favorite website speed test tool. Why? Because it offers a variety of choices that can be used for free. off course there is a limit set to use as a free user. Its very simple, you can go to there website speed testing tool and just entered your URL address there, select any choice of server you want to use and run the test. Pingdom will offer you few website speed optimization tips based on the following factors

Improve page performance


C78         Compress components with gzip

B89         Add Expires headers

A96        Make fewer HTTP requests

A100      Avoid empty src or href

A100      Put JavaScript at bottom

A100      Reduce the number of DOM elements

A100      Make favicon small and cacheable

Here is how the Pingdom Website speed test report looks like that you can have for free

3 – GTmetrix Website Speed Test

GTmetrix is another great free website speed test tool offering in-depth PageSpeed with its YSlow metrics by assigning your website a grade from A to F. There are five different sections with its free account giving you a insight about the PageSpeed, YSlow (Their own matrix), waterfall breakdown, video, and history.

A free registered account can have access to different tests based on multiple browser types like Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari etc. You can also check the website speed based on different internet connection types. In addition to these options you can also do the speed test for the video play back and sound which are unique features compares to some other website speed testing tools.

Now as mentioned earlier, Let me share a very best and 100% free (as of today) WordPress Plugin that will quickly fix all the horrible errors you will see from any of the above Website speed test tools. its called Page Speed Ninja like the name suggests this plugin really works like a Ninja and you can get rid of almost 98% Website speed loading issues.

At present, this plugin is running its beta version but I would highly recommend you to download it from the website and use it.

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